The Impact of Mentorship

Jan 24, 2023

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Volunteer Highlight by Eddy Welch

Before becoming an apprentice mentor through Rail//Line Coffee, I was looking for a ministry to partner with. I wanted to help people not only to grow in their walk with Christ but to further themselves in the professional world as well. Mentoring through Rail//Line Coffee has been the perfect marriage between those two worlds.

My mentee and I meet twice per month for an hour to talk about what it means to be professional, set goals and invest in the future. It is incredibly rewarding to see possibility and hope come alive in someone who previously struggled to see their own potential.

The experience has been eye-opening. I did not realize the advantages I had because of the environment that I grew up in. I’ve realized many things we often take for granted are incredible blessings that not everyone is afforded. Cars, computer skills, and basic financial knowledge are not nearly as commonplace as many assume.

I would strongly encourage others to get involved, especially other men. When I initially signed up, the director of the program mentioned that there are not many men who volunteer as apprentice mentors.

There is a great need for Godly men and women to step in and help these young people thrive financially, spiritually, and relationally and the mentorship program through RailLine Coffee is a great way to see that mission accomplished.

Make a Difference

We are searching for three committed individuals to mentor our apprentices in an ongoing, one-on-one capacity. Mentors are responsible to meet twice a month with their apprentice to help disciple, teach, and live life together. Interested in volunteering an hour of your time twice a month to invest in the life of a young person? Get started today by following this link.

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