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Affordable housing

South Side Affordable Housing

Providing housing opportunities for people that no one else will

CLDI created Koinonia Management Company to specifically serve those who might have difficulty securing affordable housing, but not at the cost of quality. We ensure a high standard of quality as we are driven by Kingdom principles and affirm that all individuals are of value and worthy as they are made in the image and likeness of God.

Giving Second Chances

Who Is This For?

CLDI uses the landlord-tenant relationship to encourage honesty, accountability, responsibility, and love of neighbor. It is our aim to serve in a way that fosters meaningful relationships and community as we encourage our neighbors to follow the ways of Jesus. 


Poor Rental History




Want Housing Stability


Poor Credit


Criminal History


Ready for a Chance

Section 8 Approved

65+ Rental Properties Available

With over 65+ properties scattered across the South Side, we are continually investing in more properties so that we can provide more opportunities and second chances for South Side Residents.  

Orrel Cove Development 

Katapheugo Apartments (above CLDI HQ)

Tax Credit Properties (income qualified)

If we have no current listings, you can still fill out an application (below) and we will keep it on file for 90 days.

KMC Rental Application (PDF)

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Interested in our affordable housing options? Contact us or start by filling out the application.