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Our redemptive work on the South Side of Billings


First-hand accounts of transformation.

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Take a Driving Tour

  • Personal Driving Tour with CLDI’s Executive Director, Kaleb Perdew
  • Hear the history of CLDI and the impact God is making on the South Side
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Conversational tour is ideal for 4-7 People
  • Lunch can be provided

Transforming Places & Spaces

Our property management group provides 100+ accesible housing units to families and individuals in need. We offer second chances for those renters with poor credit or limited rental history.

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Hannah House

This recovery home is a safe haven for women exiting incarceration or recovering from an addiction. Our hope is to provide holistic healing and redemption for families.

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Youth Works

Youth Works provides a safe place and relationship opportunities for youth on the South Side. Our Youth Works staff live in the neighborhood and do life alongside the kids every day, providing stable and positive relationships.

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The Gathering Place at CLDI

This non-profit venue provides a modern-industrial space in downtown Billings for weddings, events, and a weekly church gathering. The best part is that the funds go back into the South Side community.

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Internship Program

The CLDI internship is an 11 month long endeavor for college-age individuals seeking leadership skills, and ministry training.

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Rail//Line Coffee House

Restored from an old, broken-down gas station, Rail//Line is more than just a coffee shop. We hire at-risk youth to provide job and leadership training while also stimulating the South Side economy.

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Together, Let’s Make Way for Change


Restoration doesn’t happen in isolation or through disconnected fragments of help. It happens when we commit to investing deeply in the lives of people who are experiencing hardship and need.

That’s why CLDI’s mission is not simply about implementing programs; it’s about building genuine relationships and walking alongside our neighbors in their journey of transformation.

Overlooked and Broken

The Reality on the South Side

Historically, the South Side has been plagued as being seen as “the wrong side of the tracks.” Over time, residents have moved out of the community for more desirable neighborhoods and places for business in the city. This has left the South Side with low homeownership, inadequate yet expensive housing options, few opportunities for employment, and overrun schools, further exasperating poverty in our neighborhood.


Extremely low-income household rate


Population age 18-24 who do not have a high school diploma or GED


Own their home in the South Side compared to 70% own their home in Billings Proper


South Side residents live in low-income housing

Because there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to changing lives

Programs that Compound to Help the Whole Person

We strive to meet the whole person right where they are and learn what their physical, emotional, spiritual, relational needs are so we can empower them to heal and change their story for the better. Hover over one of our unique pathway initiatives to learn more.

Youth Outreach

Youth Works provides a safe place for kids and students in the South Side neighborhoods. We believe relationship happens in proximity, so our Youth Works staff live in the community with the kids they serve.

Recovery & Unification

Hannah House is a recovery home for women recovering from addiction. The program aims to provide holistic healing and redemption for families.

Community Gathering

Our non-profit venue, The Gathering Place, provides a modern-industrial space for weddings, events and a weekly church gathering. 


CLDI offers an 11-month internship program for individuals seeking leadership skills and ministry training. The internship is designed to be a stepping stone to bring more positive change to the community.

Economic Empowerment

Restored from an old, broken-down gas station, RailLine is not just a coffee shop but also a platform to provide job and leadership training.

Community Development

CLDI’s property management group, Koinonia Management Company, provides safe and accessible housing in the South Side community.

It’s All Hands on Deck. We Need YOU!

Join an Unstoppable Community of Monthly Givers

Whether you give $5 or $500 a month you can be a part of our 100Fold community. Our community of monthly givers is known as The 100Fold because, like Jesus tells his disciples in Mark 10, we believe that when people live lives of generosity the blessings returned to them will be one hundred fold.

The 100Fold is a group of people who are passionate, courageous and committed to seeing the South Side be restored through a gospel lens. You belong here.

Each gift you give helps provide a way out for someone searching for hope and a brighter future.

“This is the harsh reality of life in recovery. There really isn’t a bright side to any part of that. They are struggling and it is hard. I am so thankful that I was able to walk together with the women in the Hannah House during this crazy yet, critical times. What amazing experiences and lessons to be learned and shared.”

— Alyssa

“When you have solid housing, it gives you energy to make positive choices. It really is amazing. My daughter came over last week, and told me she was so proud of me. I’m so grateful for a God who never leaves you, my family, friends, and my home. CLDI has given me my second chance.”

— Calvin

“He used the apostles and prophets for the foundation.
Now he’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together.”

– Ephesians 2:19-22 MSG

“Renting from CLDI gave me a second chance and I’m so grateful that they care about me and my family. Miriam and Cindy are so awesome. They taught me basic skills and how to care for a house, they are my sounding board when I need someone to talk to. I feel welcomed here and know my family is safe.”

— Darlene

“Time and time again we get to watch students demonstrate perseverance and strength in trying new things. One student, in particular, exemplified this resilience, and it was a joy to be able to share with his mom how he chose to continue on after a period of initial frustration. We love getting to invest in these students!”

“As I think back on my recovery journey, I can’t imagine finding recovery from my addiction without a group of people supporting me. The community that has had the most influence on me has been CLDI and the Hannah House. We’re a family at the Hannah House. Each woman there is walking her road to recovery and many also come with the goal of being reunited with their children. As a community, we celebrate each other’s victories, struggle through the hard times and extend love and support to each other on a daily basis.”