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Our redemptive work on the South Side of Billings


First-hand accounts of transformation.

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our latest project:

Safe housing is a vital step for those in need of a second chance and there’s just not enough supply to meet the demand. Our latest project—Tapestry Apartments—is our response to the affordable housing shortage in Billings. Help us break ground this fall!

Gospel-Centered Restoration

Transforming and empowering the south side

We’re passionate about finding creative solutions to the challenges marginalized communities face. We lean in to the messy and broken with tangible hope for individuals, families, and communities to flourish through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, we want our neighbors to experience the love of Christ in both word and deed.

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Join an Unstoppable Community of Monthly Givers

Our community of monthly givers is known as The 100Fold because, like Jesus tells his disciples in Mark 10, we believe that when people live lives of generosity and sacrifice the blessings returned to them will be one hundred fold. 

The 100Fold is a group of people who are passionate, courageous and committed to seeing the South Side be restored through a gospel lens. You belong here.   



CLDI is a non-profit organization that seeks to transform and empower struggling communities. For nearly 40 years, CLDI has been at work in a low-income neighborhood of Billings, Montana known as the South Side. At the heart of our work is a gospel-centered desire to invest in the South Side in such a way that residents of the community thrive financially, spiritually, and relationally.

Overlooked and Broken

The Reality on the South Side

Historically, the South Side has been plagued as being seen as “the wrong side of the tracks.” Over time, residents have moved out of the community for more desirable neighborhoods and places for business in the city. This has left the South Side with low homeownership, inadequate yet expensive housing options, few opportunities for employment, and overrun schools, further exasperating poverty in our neighborhood.


Extremely low-income household rate


Population age 18-24 who do not have a high school diploma or GED


Own their home in the South Side compared to 70% own their home in Billings Proper


South Side residents live in low-income housing

Holistic Problem Solving

Our Response

We are driven to provide creative solutions for real needs, imagining the impossible, and paving the way for genuine relationships to be fostered in a way that addresses material and relational poverty. Our mission is to seek the transformation of the South Side by rebuilding lives, restoring families, and re-neighboring communities.

Affordable Housing

We believe in providing second chances to individuals and families with poor credit, no rental history, or criminal backgrounds


We engage South Side youth by providing safe after school programs, mentorship, and new, FUN experiences.

Community Development

We labor to remove blight, renovate, and stimulate the economy through commercial development and restoration.

Women & Children Recovery Home

We work directly with women and children to provide a safe place for recovery and restoration of families. 

Leadership + Job Training

We provide leadership development opportunities for young adults through our internship as well as job skill training for at-risk youth.


We work with mentors and counselors to provide Christ-Centered mentorship and personal development to individuals. 

A Redemptive Coffee House

Rail//Line Coffee

  • Restored from old gas station
  • Provides leadership and job training
  • Encourage other businesses to move here
  • Investing in South Side economy

Mentoring At-Risk Youth

Youth Works

    • Safe after-school programs for South Side youth
    • Proclaiming the love of Jesus
    • Creating new experiences
    • Positive adult relationships

    Women and Children Recovery Home

    Hannah House

      • Transitional housing for women
      • Reunification with kids
      • Addiction recovery and family restoration
      • Relationship and real-life training

      Live and Work Missionally


        • 1 year internship with CLDI
        • Paid internship + housing
        • Ignite your faith and gain experience
        • International trip

        Invest in the South Side

        Join us in transforming and empowering the South Side. Your partnership directly impacts lives and we could not do this without you. 

        Real Stories from Real People

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