People often ask us why we do what we do at CLDI. If we didn’t, we would miss the blessing of meeting delightful people like Louise McCallister, who came to us hurt by life. We didn’t look at her past, rather, we saw her as a person of value and and were able to offer a fresh start at life through a warm, safe, affordable house. Louise has not only been able to heal, but thrive. Her house is spit-spot and she is a warm, loving woman who is ever vigilant in looking for ways to love God, love others, and help others in need. Everyone deserves a second chance. One of the foundational truths of the Bible is that God breathes new life and restoration to us as His image bearers through the good news of Jesus Christ. As those reconciled to Him, our missional call is to restore the image of Christ in others.

Serving the South Side of Billings, MT

As is the case with many low-income neighborhoods, the South Side is certainly marked by stigmas that are often associated with “poor neighborhoods.” To an outsider our community is south of the tracks, the part of town you simply want to avoid; blanketed with service organizations such as correctional facilities, half-way houses, drug and rehab facilities, a homeless shelter; the place with the most condensed population of felons; often home of the worst crimes; you name it, it’s probably here. Yet, despite how the South Side may be understood by others, we are a community of great tradition, rich history, proud identity, and yes, community. So is this the heart of CLDI: to seek transformed lives through the gospel by rebuilding lives, restoring families, and re-neighboring communities.

Shalom: a Hebrew word meaning complete peace, contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being & harmony

the South Side is facing:

How We Are At work

CLDI functions to serve as an umbrella organization to host
individuals and ministries to serve the community and world beyond.

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Join us in our efforts! We partner with individuals, churches & businesses. Grab your friends & get involved.

The Fellowship House exists to recruit and encourage kingdom-minded, eternally focused disciples of Jesus Christ through an urban internship in the South Side neighborhood of Billings, MT.