Mission Statement

CLDI seeks transformation through the gospel by rebuilding lives, restoring families, and re-neighboring communities.

An Umbrella for Vision

CLDI is a legal not-for-profit entity that functions as a means by which the gospel of Jesus Christ may be proclaimed in word and deed. In doing so, CLDI functions to serve as an umbrella organization to host individuals and ministries to serve the community and world beyond.

Our History

CLDI was incorporated in 1981 and has been at work to rebuild lives, restore families, and re-neighbor communities in Billings’ oldest and most marginalized community, the South Side. Our work as a not-for-profit began when we bought and renovated a grocery store to house a weight room, a youth center for at-risk youth, and a Mexican restaurant. These efforts helped us to both build relationships and serve South Side residents. Since then, we’ve done a wide array of works to fulfill our mission of fostering transformation in the lives of individuals and families. As the needs of South Billings have become increasingly apparent, CLDI’s efforts have included work with at-risk youth and families, job training, mentoring and discipleship, GED assistance, internships, provision of affordable housing, and transitional housing for persons in need.

The Work of CLDI

The primary works of CLDI focus on the following venues:

  • Community Revitalization – As the people of God, we are called to seek the shalom—the wholeness, completeness, wellness, and welfare—of those we live among, especially among the most marginalized and vulnerable. Therefore, governments, schools, businesses, neighbors, and personal affairs are all part of the big picture of pointing all people to a life of knowing, loving, and following Jesus and experiencing life in Him.
  • Outreach – CLDI seeks to serve individuals and places that have experienced the margins of isolation, neglect, and brokenness. Since the late 1970s we have made our “home” in one of the most marginalized neighborhoods of our city. Through the practice of immersing ourselves among those we serve, it is our desire to build relationships and do life together as we seek to share with others the hope, love, joy, and purpose we have found in the person of Jesus.
  • Discipleship– Through all of our various efforts in the community, our aim is to make Jesus the Hero of the story as we call people to the abundant life found only in Him. As we make disciples to know and follow the teachings of Jesus, lives will be transformed in heart, mind, body, and soul as they embrace His kingdom principles. Not only will individual lives be transformed by the power of the gospel, but as disciples in turn make disciples, families and communities will be impacted as they experience God’s peace, rule, and justice.

The CLDI/KMC Family

  • Eric Basye, Executive Director
  • Karri Hallock,KMC – Financial Administrator/Site Manager
  • Miriam Stahl, KMC – Property Manager
  • Cindy Sampson, Office Manager
  • Kaylee Thompson, Youth Works Director
  • Kaleb Perdew, Youth Works Staff
  • Fred Nelson, Eleos Group Director
  • Joan Nelson, Eleos Group
  • Lisa Reinschmidt, Development & Hannah House Ministries Director
  • Erika Musser, Hannah House Supervisor
  • Dona Kabeary, Hannah House Spiritual Mentor

Where We Are Located

Our new building is at 24 S 29th St

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