Redemptive Work on the South Side

How We Are At Work

Loving Our Neighbors

Rebuild and Restore Community

We have been working since 1981 to invest in and foster transformation in Billings’ oldest poverty-stricken community, the South Side. Through relationship, economic development, and empowerment, we seek to help families and individuals find hope, healing, and confidence for their future.

Creating Second Chances

Our Programs & Projects


Rail//Line Coffee Shop

Restored from an old, broken-down gas station, Rail//Line is more than just a coffee shop. We provide leadership training and hire those seeking to grow their job skills, while also stimulating the South Side economy.

Youth Works

Youth leadership

Youth Works provide a safe place for youth in the South Side neighborhoods. Our Youth Works staff lives in the neighborhood and lives life with kids every day providing stable and positive relationships.

Hannah House

Women and children

Hannah House is a recovery home for women coming from incarceration or recovering from an addiction. Our hope is to provide holistic healing and redemption for families.


leadership & spiritual growth

Our internship program is a year long endeavor for college-age individuals seeking leadership, skills, and ministry training. We hope our internship acts as a stepping stone to bring more change to our community.

Property Management

Affordable housing

Our property management group provides over 100+ affordable housing units to families or individuals in need. We offer second chances for those with no credit, rental history, or poor background checks.

The Gathering Place

Non Profit Wedding Venue

The Gathering Place is located in our CLDI headquarters building and provides a modern-industrial space in downtown Billings for weddings and events. The best part is the funds go back into the South Side community. 

Eleos Group

mentoring and discipling

Our wise mentors, Fred and Joan Nelson, offer marriage care, family care, and discipleship instruction. They help families become healthier through practical Biblical instruction and pastoral care.

Community Development

Investing in the South Side

As a Christian community development organization, it is our aim to holistically invest in the lives of South Side residents for the flourishing of all.

Join an Unstoppable Community of Monthly Givers

Whether you give $5 or $500 a month you can be a part of our 100Fold community. Our community of monthly givers is known as The 100Fold because, like Jesus tells his disciples in Mark 10, we believe that when people live lives of generosity and sacrifice the blessings returned to them will be one hundred fold. 

The 100Fold is a group of people who are passionate, courageous and committed to seeing the South Side be restored through a gospel lens. You belong here.