Rail//line Coffee: Watching Community Grow

Jul 25, 2022

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As a part of CLDI’s mission, Rail//Line’s primary goals are to develop young adults and to be a place where community can come and gather in encouragement and neighborly love. Our hope is that it functions as a space where people connect to their greater community — that old friendships are rekindled and new ones are born. For many of our staff and customers, Rail//Line introduces them to a variety of individuals they wouldn’t otherwise come in contact with. It draws a really sweet combination of South Side community members and individuals from all over Billings.

Rail//Line has generated a solid base of regulars who the staff get to meet and know on a personal level. While new people come through all the time, a consistent group of Rail//Line regulars has grown closer over the last few months. We love watching them build relationship through inviting each other over for dinner, sharing books, prayer, and more. Linda is one of these awesome regulars. A retired educator with an incredible amount of experience, Linda often comes in with her granddaughter to connect, read books, or play games together. Linda is always interested in building relationships, especially with several of our younger apprentices. She loves being outside and sitting on our patio and biking on her e-bike. She comes to Rail//Line because she loves the mission and investing in young adults. Her long career as a teacher opens the doors for many ways to connect and engage with our apprentices. Thanks for being a regular, Linda!

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