CLDI Member Story: Fruitful Growth

Mar 23, 2023

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Mentorship is an essential component of the fourth principle of Christian Community Development: Leadership Development. Through our holistic, gospel-centered approach to mentorship, we encourage and equip individuals to grow and become empowered. As we invest in individuals like *Diana, we see the immense impact of mentorship and the changed trajectory of these lives.

As you’ll read below in the words of *Diana’s mentor Savannah, one of our interns, the blessings of these mentoring relationships are far-reaching.  Not only are they experienced by the people CLDI serves, but also by the CLDI staff & interns, volunteers, and community as a whole. We are humbled to witness God transforming lives as we continue to seek restoration in the South Side community.

“With the discipleship meetings, Diana and I are almost done with the book of John. We have about 5 chapters left, and I have seen so much fruit from her. While she struggles at times, I love seeing her growth and how much she’s been applying what she’s learning to her life. She shared with me that she takes time to pray with her daughter every night because she wants to teach her daughter, even as small as she is, the importance of prayer. Diana also took a bold step to encourage her treatment group to pray with each other! This is huge because in treatment centers, Jesus isn’t taught. Instead, they are being taught to look to a higher power, even if that higher power is a physical thing. Seeing Diana be a light to those around her makes me so proud and grateful that God gave me the opportunity to do life with her. I believe God will use her to share her story and that her life will change others.”  -Savannah, CLDI intern

*Diana’s name was changed for privacy

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