Changing My Longings

Jan 24, 2023

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Internship Update: From Alex Streeter

Change has become a recurring theme in my life over the last six months. There have been apparent changes, such as my occupation and living situation, as well as deeper inner changes regarding my worldview and life goals.

One day, after a challenging workout with my coach, Chantel, she asked everyone in the group about one goal we have and how we are taking steps towards achieving that goal. When it got to my turn, I was left speechless, not because I had no goals, but because I was surprised at how deeply I felt my plans had changed.

If you had asked me a year ago what my plans were, it would be to buy a place in Red Lodge with lots of land and horses. It would be to have a family, travel once a year to a beautiful place, and have fulfilling work that pays well so that I could enjoy my weekends.

I’d still love to own land in Red Lodge one day, but my desires have started changing. Now, I want justice for the marginalized, to adopt a family, be free of the chains of longing for money, and be known for generosity. I want to love mercy, do justice, and live a truly full and abundant life.

Ultimately, I told Chantel that my goal was to have a dining room table where everyone could come to my house and share a meal. I want hospitality, peace, courage, and an enriching and everlasting joy that I have and can share, knowing it can only come from submitting my life plans to Christ.

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