Tapestry Friday Update: Week 9

Feb 3, 2023

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Hello Friends of CLDI!

Even with the cold weather and winter storm, we were able to get the remaining walls poured Thursday, and we will pull the forms today. Next week we will backfill around the foundation and start the plumbing. The good news is that we are still on track despite the winter weather.

Instead, this week, I would like to reflect on the ‘why’ behind building Tapestry. CLDI is addressing a largely unmet need in our community for affordable, quality housing for the working class of Billings (those at 40%-60% AMI). A wonderful example of this is a single father, raising a son, who has been in our Orrel Street development for many years. His story is one of hope. “When I got behind in rent, CLDI worked with me so I could catch it up rather than evict me. They kept in relationship with me, and that helped me stay sober. They taught me how to care for my home when I didn’t know how. Because of that, my son had a warm, decent home and a bed to sleep in every night. We have food, and he is in school every day. Without our housing, that just wouldn’t have happened. I am so grateful!” Tapestry will also become the next step for many of our redemptive programs. A single mother with two kids will have recently graduated from our Hannah House program and will begin looking for affordable housing. She will have worked and gone through the apprentice program at Rail//Line coffee house, having gained the job skills needed to flourish and provide for her family. She can then move into a two-bedroom affordable housing unit within a healthy community where she can get the support she needs while beginning to stand on her own two feet. Finally, Tapestry will improve housing for individuals, families, and those with significant mobility challenges. It increases both their physical and mental well-being, especially as it pertains to worrying over how to meet basic life needs for themselves and/or their children. We see Tapestry as a place of hope, new beginnings, and a thriving community on the South Side; we want to thank you all for the time, prayer, and support given for this workforce initiative. Thank you!

We would love to give you a tour of the building site as well as the other works of CLDI. Click here to set up a time to meet!



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