Tapestry Friday Update: Week 46

Oct 20, 2023

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Dear CLDI friends and family,

As we savor the warmth of this beautiful fall season, we’re excited to bring you a quick update on our Tapestry project.

The third floor is starting to feel more like a home with the addition of cabinetry. It’s amazing how these little details can make such a big difference. On the second floor, we’re in the midst of adding a fresh coat of paint and brightening up the whole space, making it come alive. Meanwhile, the first floor is in its final stretch of drywall work, and we’ve begun adding texture to the walls, adding depth and character to the rooms.

Now, here’s where we could use a little extra prayers from all of you. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of some crucial electrical gear that we expect to receive on November 11th.

We appreciate all of your support and prayers!

Have a great weekend!




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