Tapestry Friday Update: Week 44

Oct 6, 2023

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Dear CLDI friends and family,

This week has brought forth exciting progress at Tapestry as we work diligently to shape the surroundings and interiors of our building. Around the site, significant groundwork is underway, including grading to ensure the perfect elevation for various elements and the preparation for the electrical transformer pad. These essential steps will pave the way for the upcoming sidewalks and landscaping.

On the third floor, we’ve wrapped up painting and received the cabinets, ready for installation next week. It’s incredible to see these spaces taking shape, where future residents will soon call home. Meanwhile, the second floor has received a fresh coat of primer and door frames have been carefully painted. We’re looking forward to receiving temporary heaters next week, which will enable us to complete the painting process.

Down on the first floor, all soffits have been constructed, and an inspection is scheduled for today, marking another crucial step in our journey. Additionally, the process of taping on the first floor has begun, bringing us closer to the final transformation of this space.

Have a great weekend!

Kaleb Perdew

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