Tapestry Friday Update: Week 39

Sep 1, 2023

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Hello, CLDI friends & family,

Progress continues at Tapestry, with the feeder wire being installed this week. The feeder wire is the main power that goes into each of our 27 units. From the outside, our steel siding continues to be installed and will be ongoing for the next 2-3 weeks; soon, we will install steel siding that will look like a nice wooden exterior. As we continue to work from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor, each stage is making headway.

  1. Our 3rd-floor drywall is being taped and mudded, giving a clean, smooth finish.
  2. The 2nd-floor has completed the ductwork, and drywall will begin next week.
  3. Finally, the first floor is beginning insulation and pre-rock.

As you are praying this week, we ask that you continue to keep in mind the arrival of our electrical gear for Tapestry as we continue to hear of nationwide shortages. We thank you for your dedicated support and prayer over Tapestry Apartments.

Have a great weekend!

Kaleb Perdew


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