Tapestry Friday Update: Week 29

Jun 23, 2023

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Friends of CLDI,

Can you believe it is already the 29th week since we started construction?! For those of us in Billings, Montana, we have been blessed with an amazing summer. Lots of rain to keep everything green, blue skies, sunshine, and cool weather. Amazing!

We have had a lot of excellent work done in the past two weeks. Here is a punch list of some of those:

  • The roof has been completely dried in
  • The H2O piping is being tested
  • The bathtubs and showers have arrived and are beginning to be installed
  • The exterior insulation is being installed in preparation for the exterior siding
  • The fire suppression system is ready to go and will be completed once the ceilings have been drywalled
  • The electricians are working on the third floor with a hopeful inspection date of the week of the July 4th
  • The line sets have been set for the HVAC system
  • And finally, the flashing for the roof should arrive and will be installed next week

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We love taking the time to walk you through the building, so if you are interested in seeing it firsthand, please let me know and we will set up a time.

Have a blessed week.


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