Spring 2021 – Rail//Line Update

Apr 15, 2021

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We are so happy to be on our little corner of the South Side and thrilled that many of you have claimed Rail//Line as your go-to stop for coffee and community. We couldn’t be here without everyone who has invested in the work we are doing. Since opening last August, Rail//Line has:

• Sold over 20,000 drinks and food items

• Hired six fantastic apprentices

• Added soft-serve ice cream to our menu

• Made tons of new friends and connections

Last month we opened Kitchen24, a small bakery to keep Rail//Line stocked with treats. Kitchen24 allows us to provide more training opportunities for apprentices and teach new skills. The idea was pitched by one of our incredible volunteers, Sandi Eaton, who now serves as our lead baker. We hope to be able to offer a broader array of baked goods for any occasion, in the future. Also, folks can now enjoy baked treats from Harper & Madison!

Extended hours—starting May 1st, Rail//Line will be open until 6 pm instead of closing at 4pm.

Kaitlyn M. (one of our assistant managers) and her husband Jared continue to fight cancer together; please pray for encouragement over their family during this challenging time. Lastly, we recently hired a new apprentice, named Kaitlyn W. who has been an excellent addition to our team. Come in and get to know her!

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