No. 2: When does helping hurt?

Feb 1, 2023

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A question I have been pondering?

When does helping hurt?

I have asked this question so many times. I want to be helpful and influence someone’s life truly, but it is hard to know what is helpful or harmful. I believe change moves at the speed of relationships. I ask if the relational capital that has been built equals the amount (financial or time) I am currently willing to give. To influence someone’s life is to play the long game and not look for quick impact. I have heard it said that we need to move at God’s speed. Jesus walked on this earth at three miles an hour, interacting with people along the way. If we are really willing to know and love people, I believe we first look at how Jesus cultivated relationships, model that, and then leave the rest up to God. His timing and guidance are always best.

Recommended reading on this subject:

  • Toxic Charity, How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (And How to Reverse It) by Robert D. Lupton, PhD.
  • When Helping Hurts, How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor… And Yourself by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.

Scripture I am pondering:

John 4 – The Woman at the well
Mark 5 – The Gerasene Demonic
I have been reflecting on these two scriptures. The way Jesus took two people who were
forgotten and ostracized by the community and not only made them whole but sent them out. In both stories, Jesus healed and restored them. He then empowered them to live in their community, which influenced the whole community even though the crowd had different responses. I love to put these stories together because it reminds me that all I have been asked to do is tell the story of Jesus in my life, no matter the response.

What I’m reading


Prayer requests

Please be praying for:

  • My leadership in the organization and our influence in the community.
  • A prayer of Praise for Tapestry for breaking ground and moving forward.
  • Please pray we meet our annual budget funding goals.
  • Interpersonal challenges for our Neighbors, HH women, Kids, and apprentices. Please pray they would have ears to hear the Gospel.
  • Our staff stays diligent in love to empower our community members to choose life, not death.

So I will leave this with you… what have you been pondering lately as you make every effort to live a life sold out to Jesus? What scriptures are you focusing on and why? I would enjoy hearing from you. Your ponderings and walk with the Lord may be the best encouragement.


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