Oct 29, 2021

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What a great week! I could not be more encouraged and impressed with the progress Langlas construction makes every day. We are thankful that the weather has allowed us to nearly dry the apartments in. Hopefully, in the next week or two, the windows will arrive while exterior work and interior work progresses.

We are excited to see the dream come to reality. I can only imagine the wonderful tenants we will have the opportunity to serve as we provide long-term housing solutions for the seniors who are an integral part of our community.

Lastly, will you join us in praying for our working relationships with both the city and code enforcement, as well as landlords, as we work towards a better community? We are constantly advocating for the removal of blight in our community because we believe this is a pathway that will lead to the flourishing of the neighborhood.

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Volunteers are a huge part of our impact on the South Side. We need volunteers to reach and love our neighbors. We would love your help making a difference on the South Side. Reach out, lean into your strengths and together we can increase our impact.  



Without your financial partnership, our efforts would be limited. We are so thankful and honored that you would consider giving. Donations help us dream big, and complete the work He has set out for us on the South Side. One time, monthly, or in other forms, every contribution counts.