Mosaic Senior Cottage Update – Week 32

Apr 1, 2022

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Hello friends!

We are SO CLOSE to having this project fully buttoned up! Thank you First Interstate Bank for your great crew of volunteers to help with a deep clean! As of right now, we are planning on our tenants moving in on April 13th and anticipate by that time nearly 100% of the project (if not all of it) will be complete!

Thank you for EVERYTHING to make this project a success!

PS: A shoutout to my daughter who turned 13 this week! Hard to believe she was only 6 months when we moved to the South Side, and now look at her! And kudos to my wife for her mad skills in baking awesome cakes for our kids!


Goodbye old signs

Getting ready to pour concrete

Concrete poured

Living room



Thank you FIB volunteers!! Left to right: Elena, Linda, Bailey, Alysia, Virginia, and Nathan – Brittani up front


Happy 13th Ellie!

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