KMC Update Spring 2021

Apr 16, 2021

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CLDI created Koinonia Management Company in 2010 to serve those who might otherwise have difficulty securing affordable housing. We believe in providing second chances to individuals and families with poor credit, no rental history, or criminal backgrounds. This means taking risks, and sometimes we get bit—quite literally. Did you know that there are such things as German Cockroaches? Yep, unfortunately, a tenant brought these in via produce (and a lack of cleanliness)—nothing like placing an emergency call to Dan the “bug man!” After months of treatments, the roaches are gone for good! Then there was the time we had a grease fire on Christmas Eve. Axe through a door anyone?

Here’s the thing: we know and fully understand that taking on a risky tenant may cost us—financially and physically. But because we operate out of Kingdom Principles, we reclaim the property after each disaster, bringing it back up to the standards we feel God calls us to do. That means each apartment is reclaimed to the point that any staff member would be happy to live there. And so, on we go– loving our neighbor despite fires, floods, and cockroaches.

So far we have provided:

  • 65 South Side Rental Units
  • 133 Tenants with Quality Housing

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Volunteers are a huge part of our impact on the South Side. We need volunteers to reach and love our neighbors. We would love your help making a difference on the South Side. Reach out, lean into your strengths and together we can increase our impact.  



Without your financial partnership, our efforts would be limited. We are so thankful and honored that you would consider giving. Donations help us dream big, and complete the work He has set out for us on the South Side. One time, monthly, or in other forms, every contribution counts.