Is this how your home looks?

Jul 29, 2016

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This is the ‘home’ of an individual outside of a building we are hoping to buy. As part of this vision, CLDI will provide (10) efficiency apartments and (2) one bedroom apartments to serve the most marginalized of our city; office space for CLDI; expansion of Hannah House Ministries (our ministry to women in crisis); space to stimulate the economy of the South Side while also providing a gathering place in the community; and lastly, additional space to be leased out to like-minded ministries and businesses. Should this happen, it is our intention to herald the name of Jesus, the true Hero of the story. Please join us in praying for His provision for this project, either to supply the need or redirect our efforts. Interested in knowing more? Email me at To Him be the glory!

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Volunteers are a huge part of our impact on the South Side. We need volunteers to reach and love our neighbors. We would love your help making a difference on the South Side. Reach out, lean into your strengths and together we can increase our impact.  



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