Expanding CLDI’s Reach

Jan 20, 2023

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New Executive Director Kaleb Perdew shares his history with the ministry and vision for the future.

In 2017, CLDI’s Executive Director Eric Basye crossed paths with Kaleb Perdew, a Billings native and recent graduate from the University of Montana. Kaleb had a heart for leadership and had just accepted a job with InterVarsity’s ministry at Rocky Mountain College. The two struck up a friendship and through Eric’s mentorship and encouragement, Kaleb and his wife Kelsey decided to purchase a home on the South Side.

Kaleb recalled growing up in Billings and rarely talking to any of his neighbors besides those who lived immediately next door. He and Kelsey wanted to live more intentionally than that, harnessing the power of proximity. Over the years, Kaleb and Kelsey’s hospitality and investment in the South Side community have set their home apart as a neighborhood hub. Kids know where the Perdew’s live and can often be found tossing a football back and forth with Kaleb in the soccer fields adjacent to their home or grabbing a snack from the readily stocked pantry.

In 2019, Kaleb accepted a role on staff with CLDI working with interns and the Youth Works staff. He spent his first week learning dances to perform onstage at Vacation Bible School.Kaleb has since put away his dancing shoes, and now as our ExecutiveDirector, is looking forward to the opportunity he has to maximize and fine-tune staff capacity and influence. CLDI has experienced rapid growth in the past five years and Kaleb is focused on helping CLDI shore up the foundation, ensuring the organization is sustainable for years to come.

While brick-and-mortar projects will move ahead in 2023 (completion of Tapestry, ongoing identification of dilapidated properties for infill development), Kaleb’s main focus will be on building up the people behind the projects. He’s convinced that pouring into the staff, tenants, and apprentices will expand CLDI’s relational reach and give more people on the South Side opportunities to hear and experience the gospel in action.

“I believe the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed. Helping people make the most of their skills, gifts, and talents is what I do best.”

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