Empowering Students Through Winter Adventures

Apr 16, 2021

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The start of a new year brings opportunities to get outdoors with our students. We are continually reminded of what a tremendous blessing it is to live in a stunning place and see reminders of God’s beauty and majesty in creation. What may be a more common outing for many is often a unique and special experience for our students. This past quarter we have had the opportunity to take 23 students out skiing over the course of three different trips. We had five students who were able to go with us twice this season. Our final trip was a three-day, two-night adventure that included skiing, sledding, games, hiking, and six meals together with dear friends who welcomed us in as one big family. This time away provides ample opportunity to engage with students outside of their day-to-day environment. Time and time again we get to watch students demonstrate perseverance and strength in trying new things. One student, in particular, exemplified this resilience, and it was a joy to be able to share with his mom how he chose to continue on after a period of initial frustration. We love getting to invest in these students and have some exciting plans in the works for next quarter. Thank you for your support in helping to make these adventures possible.

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