Dignity & Opportunities Through Rail//Line Coffee

Apr 5, 2023

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Part #2 of Promise’s Story of Healing. Read Part #1 “Healing Her Broken Belief” here.


When Promise first moved into the Hannah House, it felt like she had nothing to offer.She had little job experience and very few skills, but the staff encouraged and supported her in her journey ultimately connecting her with CLDI’s RailLine Coffee House.

“I had the chance to interview for a job [at RailLine],” shared Promise, “I was so nervous because I hadn’t done anything like that before, but the manager, Kaitlyn, thought I’d be a great addition to the team and the apprenticeship program. They offered me a job and I felt so proud!”

More Than Just a Job

Promise has worked at RailLine now longer than she has anywhere else.“I love the team, and feel loved and accepted by them in return.”She said,“Interacting with the customers on a daily basis is such a source of joy for me—there are so many smiles on both sides of the counter at RailLine—I love the positive environment I get to work in.”

One big lesson she’s taken away from her experience in RailLine’s apprenticeship program is that it’s ok to ask questions. “In the past, I was so afraid of looking stupid thatI’d keep my mouth shut and just try to figure problems out on my own,”she said,“but now I’ve gained the confidence to ask and receive help.”

“This job has taught me how to serve with a happy heart and give everyone who walks through our door the benefit of the doubt because you never know where someone might be in life.

“Honestly, I can really relate to the customers who seem to be in the middle of a rough situation because that was me not too long ago. I’m learning to see people through the lens of Jesus for who they are inside instead of reacting in judgment to how they seem on the outside.”


Hopes and Dreams Restored

“I can’t believe how radically different my life is thanks to my new job at RailLine and the community through the Hannah House.” Promise smiled, “I can actually dream again and hope that one day my children and I will get to live in an apartment of our very own. As I think about my future, I want to find opportunities to be a friend to people lost in addiction and help show them that recovery is possible—that anybody can have sobriety if you put your trust in Jesus and can build a safe, healthy community around you.”


A Holistic Approach to Healing

CLDI is uniquely positioned to help people in broken situations experience lasting change. As a community, we strive to come alongside people holistically—not just by addressing one problem or symptom, but by supporting the whole person physically, emotionally, and spiritually in any way we can. We lean into the messy and broken with tangible hope for individuals, families, and communities to flourish through the gospel of Jesus. Thanks to CLDI’s unstoppable community of monthly givers, Promise is taking strides on a path to new life.


Promise’s Pathway

  • Relational Outreach and Connection

    • Promise left her “using” relationship and found a supportive community at the Hannah House.
  • Discipleship and Addiction Recovery

    • Promise met Jesus and found healing and a way out of her addiction.
  • Family Reunification

    • Promise was reunified with her children.
  • Economic Empowerment

    • Promise started a stable job at RailLine in the Apprenticeship program.
  • Affordable Housing

    • Promise is on the tenant list for the new Tapestry Apartments.


Help Transform Lives! Join the 100Fold Today

100Fold is an unstoppable community of people in the Billings area who believe in this holistic approach of meeting people’s needs and befriending them the way Jesus did.

Help more people like Promise and make a difference on the South Side by joining the 100Fold with a $35/month pledge.

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