A Fresh Start and Hopeful Future

Jan 13, 2021

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A Story of a Hannah House Resident

Three years ago, Jen* was arrested for possession of illegal substances. Sentenced to attend treatment followed by the pre-release program at Passages, the Hannah House leadership started building a relationship with Jen through weekly phone calls and in-person visits. Jen moved into the Hannah House the day she was released from Passages.

Jen started her journey at the Hannah House with tenacity and dedication towards goals of growing in her recovery, relationship with God, and friendships with sober people; pursuing her passion for fitness, and working towards partial custody of her two sons.

The stay-at-home order in March and April was a challenge for Jen because she had been released from Passages only a month prior. In a way, it felt like being “locked-up” all over again.

However, she admirably pressed into the challenges of quarantine and found ways to stay busy by cooking meals for her housemates, attending N/A meetings online, exercising from home, and video-calling her sons every evening.

When COVID cases slowed down in the summer, Jen’s children were able to visit. It was an incredibly special reunion between mother and sons after over two years of separation.

Recently, Jen was appointed ‘House Mom’, a resident position which oversees chores, holds others accountable, and plans fun activities for the house. Jen has exceeded expectations in this role! The women in the home look up to her leadership, and she’s been a true blessing to Hannah House residents and staff alike.

2021 is bright for Jen as she prepares to move into her own place and live with her sons during the summer. She hopes to pursue a career as a personal trainer and share her love of fitness with others.

On behalf of everyone at the Hannah House, thank you for your generous donations and prayers this year! They’ve made opportunities like this possible for Jen and women like her!

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