A Bright Future

May 3, 2022

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I came to the Hannah House in June of 2019 and started working to be reunified with my two sons. The Hannah House staff wrapped their arms around me, loved me, and helped me begin to build a stable foundation. I started to dream of a future where I would feel safe and accepted.

Now, nearly three years later, I am getting ready to transition out of the Hannah House program and begin renting from Koinonia Management Company (KMC). Miriam Stahl, the property manager, has gone out of her way to help get me into an apartment of my own – she is my Landlord Angel! I believe recovery and second chances are everything. The staff at the Hannah House and KMC have shown me love, patience, and grace. Through my journey, everyone worked to help me stay in community, which is so vital because I’ve learned my success in recovery is all thanks to being surrounded by healthy people who truly wanted me to succeed. Every step of the way, the Hannah House and KMC staff have had my little family’s best interest at heart—not only do they speak truth and love to me, but they show it! We love and appreciate our CLDI Family.


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