Addressing the affordable housing shortage in Billings

Tapestry apartments

The Need is Staggering

The Housing Authority of Billings reported in 2019 that the waiting list for assisted housing units is a concerning 6,200 households. Over 2,000 of the people on that list are from low-income households waiting for single-person units. 57% of those 2,000 are elderly, the majority of which now spend over half of their monthly income on housing.1

Through grants and other generous donations, we’re close to having most of the funding in place to make this vision a reality! But we need help from donors like you to bridge the $2 million gap.

1 City of Billings Five Year Consolidated Plan. FY2020-2024 p. 46-47

households on the 2022 waitlist for a rental unit in billings

“The way this community has rallied behind the needs of neighbors in the past is just incredible to watch as we’ve worked to revitalize and re-neighbor the South Side. Let’s do it again with Tapestry Apartments.”

Safe housing is a vital step for families and individuals in need of a second chance

our vision for tapestry Apartments

“We believe that stable homes are essential for the well-being of every individual. With the completion of Tapestry, CLDI will expand our ability to provide excellent places to live to nearly 100 individuals and families on the South Side. We are thankful for the support of the community, allowing us the opportunity to serve, befriend, and re-neighbor the South Side.”

– Eric Basye, Executive Director

Project details

  • CLDI has purchased the property adjacent to Rail Line Coffee and immediately across the street from the main CLDI office. 
  • The building planned for construction will provide 26 rental units (1, and 2-bedrooms; some of which are ADA accessible), leasable commercial space, and adequate parking.
  • The apartments will be available to residents with income levels at or below 60% of the Area Median Income.
  • Tapestry Apartments will cost between $7-$8 million

We need your help to make these plans a reality!

let’s build an apartment building

Will you pledge a monthly gift & help us raise $2 million?

Leave Your Mark on the subfloor

We have a nearly $2 million gap to fill before this project is fully funded. Will you help us bridge that gap?  Everyone who pledges a monthly gift is invited to come and write a verse, blessing or prayer on a square foot they’ve purchased.

Leave your mark! $300 buys 1 square foot of the project.

Will you pledge to give monthly over the next 18 months at whichever level is the best fit? 


18 Sq’


9 Sq’


4.5 Sq’


2 Sq’