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Ada Housing

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New Ada Housing for Billings

The longer we work in the South Side of Billings, the more we’ve come to appreciate how deeply rooted our older residents truly are. These men and women settled in the South Side decades ago and have raised their families here. As CLDI has continued relationships with our neighbors and friends, we hear again and again their desire to stay in the neighborhood as they grow older.

These aging men and women want to transition into accessible homes suitable for their needs—a safe place where they can keep their independence and stay close to what they know and the family members they love. Right now, there are limited ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant housing options available to those in South Billings. For seniors, relocating to a different community can be tremendously jarring and is far too often a fast-track to losing ground in their battle for independent living.

Safely Age in Place

with Dignity

This need inspired our idea for the Mosaic Senior Living Cottages—an affordable, ADA-compliant housing complex that would allow seniors on the South Side to safely age in place with dignity.

We want to build six ground floor apartments complete with beautiful, natural lighting, doors that open onto welcoming patios, and a garden area that everyone can share. Because each unit would be ADA compliant, our neighbors could call these apartments home as long as their health and independence allows.

The Need is Staggering

The Housing Authority of Billings reported in 2019 that the waiting list for assisted housing units is a concerning 6,200 households. Over 2,000 of the people on that list are from low-income households waiting for single-person units. 57% of those 2,000 are elderly, the majority of which now spend over half of their monthly income on housing.1

Through grants and other generous donations, we’re close to having most of the funding in place to make this vision a reality! But we need help from donors like you to bridge the gap. Will you come alongside this exciting new project?

1 City of Billings Five Year Consolidated Plan. FY2020-2024 p. 46-47

The response from our local community to rally behind the needs of neighbors has been so inspiring as we’ve worked to revitalize and re-neighbor the South Side. Together we’ve helped to further the kingdom through each program and building that’s become a reality.
Let’s do it again with the Mosaic Senior Living Cottages.

It takes a village

to build a village

We need your help to raise the remaining $60,000 to revitalize a South Side plot into a beautiful village for our aging neighbors.

Will you join us at whichever level is the best fit? We still need:

30 Donors to give $50

ADA home accessories

20 Donors to give $500

ADA compliant bathroom features

10 Donors to give $5,000

Kitchen flooring, appliances & cabinetry