For kids who have experienced trauma

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Relationships that Heal

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“Ministry is Life and Life is Ministry.”

We Don’t Clock in and Clock out

Youth Works: It’s a Family Affair

“My actual job is to incorporate everything I have into being a known figure, for the sake of the gospel, into this neighborhood…what that looks like is that there is some programming…but it’s also bringing students alongside of us in life.”  -Kaleb

Kaleb, Youth Works Director, along with his wife Kelsey and his parents, Scott and Kammy, share of a love not confined to business hours or to just the Youth Works Staff.

The Heart Behind the Hands

“When you’ve experienced trauma and hard things, especially kids, Jesus has a particular concern for people in those places and spaces so we want to be people that care…Investment in youth pays dividends in communities for the long run.”

“I’m believing that we will see students who will become captivated by the truth of the gospel and there will be nations worshipping at the throne because of the kids in this neighborhood [South Side Billings] saying “yes.”  -Kaylee

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Your donation of any size makes a huge difference in the lives of kids on the South Side who have experienced trauma. Thank you for your generosity!

The Impact of Unconditional Love 

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Ways You Can Help Youth Works

Pray for our kids and for the youth works team

Sponsor a morning breakfast and school transport

Sponsor an outdoor adventure or activity

Join an Unstoppable Community of Monthly Givers

Our community of monthly givers is known as The 100Fold because, like Jesus tells his disciples in Mark 10, we believe that when people live lives of generosity and sacrifice the blessings returned to them will be one hundred fold. 

The 100Fold is a group of people who are passionate, courageous and committed to seeing the South Side be restored through a gospel lens. You belong here.