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Yes, “shalom” means “peace,” but so much more than just that. It is the complete harmonious peace that is rooted in the wholeness and full restoration that only comes through Jesus. It’s at the heart of CLDI. In everything we do, we are “Seeking the Shalom of our City.”

We would love to mail you this print and personally pray for you. No cost. Just fill out the form below.

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We would love to extend God’s heart for complete peace, wholeness, and restoration to you too. We have 500 of these prints ready to mail out. No cost. And we would love to personally pray Shalom over your life.

Only ask… we would love it if you would pay it forward. If you want a print, we will send you one extra. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend and pray “shalom” over their life as well. Fill out a request and:

1) We will mail you a Shalom print

2) We will personally pray for you

3) You pay it forward