Love and Pain in Relationship

Jan 21, 2021

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A reflection from Youth Works Director Kaylee Thompson

“It had been a rough day; one of those where there is pain and struggle and challenge. Life had been difficult for a number of students we work with, and on this particular day, it was nearly enough to make me come undone. A bit lost in my own thoughts, I headed to a long-scheduled dentist appointment and was happy to find my hygienist was fun, spunky, and a real talker. Our conversation was a reprieve from all that had been happening at work. My appointment was about to wrap up – final step, flossing. “In order for this to really work, it is going to hurt!” The bell went off in my head. As the words left her mouth, God impressed upon me the same lesson applied to life, ministry, and relationships. If I am really going to do what I hope to do—engage students in relationship, walk with them through life, and share about Jesus – it will, at times, be painful. Living in a broken and fallen world means that we will experience hurt and pain in loving others. Though it is desperately hard to watch those we love suffer, sharing their pain challenges me to remember that the Lord is our consistency, our strength, and our stability.”

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