Kaleb Perdew – Our Next Executive Director!

Sep 26, 2022

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Hello CLDI Family & Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m pleased to announce that Kaleb Perdew has been selected as the next Executive Director of CLDI.  The Board conducted a comprehensive search process and personally interviewed three impressive finalists and determined that Kaleb was the best leader for CLDI’s next season.

A significant part of CLDI’s impact on the South Side is built on the trust and equity that has been established through relationships that began over 40 years ago.  CLDI began when a group of people relocated to the South Side to build relationships, be loving neighbors and serve with the utmost respect.  In a community where its members have gone through hard things, trust is protected and not easily won.  The long road to trust with CLDI has been carried on through Eric Basye’s leadership, and is established with Kaleb and Kelsey, who already live and invest in the South Side. They are already known and trusted figures in the community and therefore have a strong foundation to continue the trust that has been built for decades. This was extremely important in our decision making process.

Kaleb lives and breathes the mission of CLDI and embodies our highest values and has demonstrated high character.  He has been leading in different capacities for the past six years. He was leader of the Internship program and, most recently, has directed our Youth Works program. He has demonstrated quality leadership and discipleship skills.

Other key factors that were very important in the Board’s decision:
● Kaleb has demonstrated his ability to lead CLDI in areas of strategic thinking, vision and planning. He is self-aware and has a passion for personal and staff development. The Board is confident in his capacity to make informed and sensible decisions.
● Kaleb is an effective communicator and has a strong network of contacts in our community. He easily communicates the mission/vision of CLDI and is a shepherd for our cause.
● Kaleb is a listener, understands people, has a high level of Emotional Intelligence, is collaboratively minded, and values the opinions of his team.
● Kaleb is committed to sharing the Gospel and believes discipleship to be a priority in the transformation of the South Side.

Kaleb’s anticipated official start date will be November 1st and the Board anticipates he will be fully seated in the role before the end of 2022.  As we’ve communicated previously, Eric Basye has agreed to remain with the organization through the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition as he passes the baton to Kaleb. Eric plans to stay on as a consultant through the completion of Tapesty (December 2023), CLDI’s latest low-income tax credit housing development as well.

As a Board, we continue to be full of gratitude through this process.
● We are grateful for the opportunity to steward the Lord’s work that He is doing through CLDI.
● We are grateful for Eric and his tremendous leadership over the past 12 years.  He has invested so much time, energy, and passion into this work.  We’ll celebrate Eric more in the months to come.
● We are grateful for the amazing staff that lives out CLDI’s mission every day, even on the hard ones.
● We are grateful for our own Board member, Josh Gilligan, for his leadership of our Search Committee, along with the Committee members who tirelessly and expeditiously conducted an efficient, organized, fair, and comprehensive process to ultimately lead us to this decision. And finally, we are grateful for each one of you for prayerfully supporting CLDI through this process.

We will continue to keep you informed through this transition.  Please congratulate Kaleb on this well-deserved appointment!

To God be the Glory,
Kyle Young
President, CLDI Board of Directors


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