Who We Are

Hannah House Ministries serves women in crisis by facilitating basic life skills, connection to community resources/programs for resume and employment opportunities, HiSET/financial support services, access to relational guidance through certified counselors, along with offering a transitional sober living home for vulnerable women, the Hannah House.  Through partnerships with the YWCA, Dress for Success, HRDC, Adult Education Center, Riverstone Health, the Center for Children and Families, Passages, Women’s Prison, Child Protective Services, Probation and Parole, and LaVie, we provide on-going guidance through long standing relationships nurtured over time with the women we serve.

~ Our hope is to equip each woman we work with to have the relationships, skills and mindset that will empower them to live purposeful, healthy lives ~

The Hannah House: Faith-Based Transitional Living for Women

Women who apply to live at the Hannah House and/or seek our services come from a variety of living situations, but they share the same common reasons for desiring services:

  • They recognize their current inadequacy to create a stable home environment for themselves and their children;
  • Most women, due to unforeseen pregnancies, job loss, spousal abuse, addiction, and homelessness, have lost hope and are searching for loving interventions without judgment;
  • They do not have the resources of money, knowledge, skills, and connections to secure housing or good employment, and lastly;
  • They are hungry at their core for real love. Hannah House Ministries is managed by women who love Jesus Christ. Better still, they introduce women to the God who loves them perfectly, something that many women and children who walk through our doors have never heard and experienced before.

Benefits and Expectations:

  • The benefits of living at the Hannah House include a drug and alcohol free environment, accountability, peer support, and random drug testing. Our location is within walking range of numerous services in downtown Billings.  Residents are required to develop a plan that includes mandatory drug testing, group therapy, court dates, along with fulfilling other program requirements.  Our proximity allows for them to independently get to each of their services.
  • The Hannah House staff provides a safe home where women have the opportunity to work towards reunification with their children.
  • No limitations are placed on how long a resident can stay. Because we believe that relational investment takes time and is a catalyst by which positive change occurs we encourage our women to stay with us for a minimum of 6-8 months, if not longer.

Through the ministry of the Hannah House, it is our hope to:

  • Provide a stable/sober living environment
  • Create space where the Gospel of Jesus can be heard and demonstrated
  • Provide the essential basic life skills, assisting these women to make better choices for themselves and their children once they have graduated from the Hannah House


  • “Living at the Hannah House has given me a new lease on life.” (Mandy)


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