A Mixed-Income Housing Development

One of the many problems associated with under-resourced communities is the isolation of the economically poor.  In an effort to break this isolation, in 2001 CLDI developed a 17-acre, 70 lot, mixed-income subdivision called Chrysalis Acres with the vision of neighbors participating in community and learning what it means to “love God and love your neighbor.”

The vision of Chrysalis Acres was much more than a housing development as it has provided revitalization in one of Billings’ oldest and neediest neighborhoods and has addressed several very real needs in our community:

First, Chrysalis Acres served to provide a means to provide construction job training for unemployed individuals from the neighborhood.  The need for job training is always high.  Koinonia Housing Construction Company, a CLDI owned and operated for-profit construction company, has employed many neighborhood residents.  Though the work of their hands is evident throughout the neighborhood, the more profound work has been in their hearts, minds and lives.

Second, Chrysalis Acres has provided quality affordable housing for low-income persons.  The cost of living is still rising twice as fast as income among low and minimum wage earners due to the hi-tech nature of this culture.  Chrysalis Acres meets a large and documented need for affordable housing in the Billings area.

Third, a sensitively and well-planned development of this nature has effectively stimulated much needed private development throughout South Billings.  Orchard Elementary, adjacent to Chrysalis Acres, is one of Billings’ oldest and most needy schools and has benefited from the influence of stable, working, two-parent families in this neighborhood.

Fourth, it has served to ignite residential market forces in the southwest corridor and served to expand redevelopment of other areas of the neighborhood that have experienced blight.  As a mixed-income housing development, this project lent itself to a variety of housing types with an ethnic mix of residential families.

Finally, Chrysalis Acres has served to help to create a healthy community by the long-term impact of committed neighbors for years to come.



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