A Kingdom Vision: Part 5

Mar 31, 2021

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As we have started our new blog series called “Kingdom Vision,” I wanted to share some stories about the impact that the gift of time and talents has on those we serve. There are always needs, and simple acts of service can go so far. Enjoy this blog written by our Internship Supervisor, Kaleb Perdew.

-Eric Basye


I have found myself at many points in life feeling so unsure of where God has me and what gifts God has given me. If you find yourself feeling the same way I did and not passionate about the call God has on YOUR  life – I urge you to please keep reading. If you know of a young adult who you think God has great things for, be sure to share this with them. Better yet! I want to talk to them! My email is at the bottom.

Discovering the Call

I have the privilege of overseeing the Internship program at CLDI. My passion is to help identify the gifts and purposes God has given every individual and speaking life into them. I love seeing young adults pushed to the edge of their comfort zone where they have to be dependent on God to accomplish what has been put before them. It’s on this edge that God shows up, and we begin to experience abundant life. I thrive on seeing people discover their capacity for ministry and how God has wired them. We constantly talk about Ephesians 2:10 and how we have been created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God has prepared for us. I want every Christ-follower to discover the way God has gifted them to glorify His name in all the earth and live into this life of mission with Him. I have the joy and pleasure of seeing God move in young adults’ lives day in and day out and see them not just settle for another mundane next-step but rather transform their perspectives and launch into a life dedicated to making the Gospel known.

CLDI Internship

This Internship is challenging, epic, and ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! We focus on God’s Mandate for Justice, His heart for the Nations, and His ultimate purpose to glorify His Name. We do this by diving into:

  • God’s Word – We read through the entire Bible in 11 months! You will also spend time each week in a Reading Forum, discussing reading and teachings among one another. We believe that to pursue the God we love, we need to continue to know Him. One of the means that God has given us to know him better is through His Word.
  • Understanding Obedience – Throughout the internship, we talk about obedience as the key in the lock of discipleship. The word tells us of the inexpressible link between our love for God and obedience to Him. Jesus makes it very clear in John 15 when he commands His believers to abide in Him. “As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” A life of obedience and love for God flows from a life in Christ and our identity found in Him.
  • Building Community -You will spend countless hours engaging with other interns and staff, over shared meals, and just hanging out. We firmly believe the Christian life is not meant to be lived in isolation. God continually uses the blessing of fellow believers to grow, sharpen, provide accountability, and encourage one another. Our interns live and focus their ministry in the South Side community. 
  • International Exposure Trip – We take an epic trip into the 10-40 window. This experience will leave you with a changed worldview, new relationships with believers across the globe, and an experience that will impact your life forever.

If you find yourself (or you know someone who is) longing for a chance to build community and have mentors invest in your future, reach out to me at kaleb@cldibillings.org for more information about the CLDI Internship! 

Christ wants us to invite Him into all things, and at CLDI, we are striving to equip the next generation of leaders to take the Good News of the Gospel wherever they go. What is YOUR next step? I challenge YOU to check our Internship out!

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