Mission Statement

CLDI hosts a missional internship that exists to glorify God by recruiting and encouraging Kingdom-minded, eternally-focused disciples of Jesus Christ in the South Side neighborhood of Billings, Montana.

The Basis of the Internship:

  • What? The CLDI Internship is part of a greater kingdom work of CLDI to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in word and deed in a marginalized community of Billings, Montana.
  • Why? Much of Christianity in America today has become incredibly apathetic, unmotivated and lacking in real life transformation. It seems apparent that there is a need, and hunger, for genuine discipleship and right relationship with both God and Man.  Thus, the CLDI Internship seeks to serve as a catalyst to call people out of complacency and into a real life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Who? Targeted toward college-age persons that seek to know, love and follow Jesus to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.
  • When? The CLDI Internship offers two internships throughout the year.  The first is a nine-month internship that hosts interns from September through May.  The second is a two-month internship that hosts interns from June to July.
  • Housing? Housing in the South Side will be provided to the intern, rent free. However, interns will be responsible for normal living expenses such as utilities, phone, food, etc.
  • Cost? Interns receive a monthly stipend but are also responsible for raising funds to apply toward the international exposure trip (for the nine-month internship) and program costs.
  • Biblically Focused – By means of weekly studies and assignments, interns will focus on the following areas as taught in Scripture:
    • God’s Primary Agenda – God’s chief purpose to glorify His own name
    • Justice Mandate – God’s concern for justice among the poor, destitute and marginalized
    • Nations Mandate – God’s gathering of people from every nation, tribe, people and language
  • Incarnational – Just as Christ came “in the flesh” to minister among Mankind, so do we seek to live “in the flesh” among those we serve.
  • Community-Based – In learning to function as the Body of Christ, interns will live in close proximity to one another to share space, meals, and simply do life together with other believers.
  • Application – In addition to their studies, interns will gain practical experience by interning 35 hours/week to serve and empower the poor. Furthermore, interns will gain international exposure to God’s work among the nations via a short-term exposure trip (*for interns in the nine-month long track).

Desired Outcomes?  Through participation in the CLDI Internship, it is anticipated that the following will be fostered in the lives of interns:

  • a renewed passion and desire to pursue the Lord, tasting that He alone is good;
  • to gain a more meaningful understanding of Christian community, the Church (as the Bride of Christ) and ultimately, the Kingdom of God;
  • a gained understanding of God’s concern for justice, thus, reorienting how one may live their life for His purposes to be a people of justice;
  • a gained understanding of God’s agenda to glorify His name among the nations, thus, learning to live a Christian life focused on the salvation of all peoples; and lastly,
  • a sense of being recruited, equipped and sent out to further pursue the shalom of the city throughout the global context.

Expectations:  The following are expected of every intern:

•  Pursue holiness = Pursue Jesus
• Actively participate in a local body of believers
• Live and engage in community
• Be accountable to your internship and one another
• Seek to love as a neighbor and not a mere resident
• Complete and post assignments on time
• Maintain the upkeep of your property (both indoors and out)

For More Information about the Internship, Contact:

Eric Basye
Phone. 406.256.3002 ext. 201
Email. eric@cldibillings.org

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