The Care and Counseling team is committed to providing counsel and support to individuals, families, and organizations throughout the greater Billings area.  As a community-based ministry we are focused on engaging with individuals and organizations to encourage healthy families and flourishing community life.  We provide a full range of counseling and consulting services for adults, children, and work groups:

  • Individual & Family: Depression, Abuse, Attachment Issues, Family Issues, Adoption Process, Blended Family Issues, Marriage Issues, Addictions, Divorce, Anger, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Sexuality, Spiritual Issues, Career Counseling, Special Education Consultation, and other emotional and relational issues.
  • Organizations: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Work Group Dynamics, Work Flow Management, and Employee Development.


James McCormick, MA, LCPC
Counselor/ Consultant

James is a relational and intuitive teacher-counselor experienced in walking with individuals, families, and work teams through crisis and change. He has over 20 years of experience working with families and organizations to help them grow and flourish.

Tasha Houlihan, MEd, PCLC

Tasha is a kind, compassionate and discerning counselor who has worked with children and families for 15 years in the roles of counselor, mentor, and teacher.  Her passion is for helping individuals and families to experience true healing and transformation in all areas of life. She is a mother of four committed to supporting families and has a particular passion for adoptive and blended families. She has a degree in elementary education and a masters in counseling.

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